An odd title for my blog, perhaps -  but somehow appropriate.  As a woodturner, one of the secret delights is  watching those curly shavings form on the end of your super-sharp gauge  as the wood spins on the lathe.  Don’t ask me why, but they are just  fascinating things!  Then they fall onto the floor (or the  workbench…..or anything else that is a flat surface in the  place)….and unless dealt with quickly – they begin to hide what is  really there, and why.  It’s all a bit like life, really, I suppose – so  hence the title of my blog.

I hope you will return from time to time for some more obtuse  rumination, the odd bit of news or chat, and even an occasional (very  small and insignificant) pearl of wisdom.  If you don”t find it  interesting, or provocative, or informative – at least you can have a  wander around my site and see what I get up  to in my workshop and elsewhere!


2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Stephen Burman says:

    Thank you for your direct, informed, professional and kindly imparted critique of the work I showed you. The more impressive as I cold called off the street as it were. I find it somewhat embarrassing to to do this, it is really like showing off your children!. But then I am only a very part-time fire wood modifier and do not have to do more than please myself. That said there is a personal drive to at least do it as well as possible. Second best is a cop out at the best of times really, whatever you do.

    I had no idea, why should I ?, that you were a radio ham. Had I known I would have mentioned the 3rd Empire French Oromulu clock that was given to me many years ago, and more intersetingly once belonged to Marconi; I gather he was in the radio game too!!

    Good luck with your move and I hope that it goes well and that you all soon happily settle into the local community . I can’t imagine that you won’t; but it is always a rite of passage.

    I shall keep an eye on your site and look for further news of your migrationa and resettlement.

    I wish you and your family every success in your move.

    With kind regards, and thanks,

    Stephen ( Burman )
    Apprentice wood turner!

  2. admin says:

    I have just found your comment, Stephen and apologise for the lengthy delay. Many thanks for your very kind remarks – and my apologies also for being in the throes of a house move when you called. As you will see here now – the dust is beginning to settle and maybe soon we can all get on with our lives again – with the smell of the sea back in my nostrils once more :-)

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